Kinds of cheeses

Cheese is the best thing someone could ever eat. I think there would be hardly any person who doesn’t love cheese because it has an amazing taste.

There are many kinds of cheeses. They are all different based on their taste, smell, color, flavor, appearance, etc.

Gruyere: This is the kind of cheese that is made from the milk of cow. The appearance of gruyere is quite hard and is marked with holes. The covering of gruyere is brownish. The first taste you will have immediately after eating gruyere would be a bit fruity then later on you will experience taste of nuts. Gruyere is heavy as well as rough.

Mascarpone: This kind of cheese is Italian based. Mascarpone is made from the milk of the cow that is pasteurized. This kind of cheese could be used in sweetened dishes as well as salty dishes. Mascarpone is made up of thickened cream of milk along with citric acid. Once the process is finished, a cheese that is buttery as well as creamy is formed. This kind of cheese is basically the foundation of delicacies for instance cheesecakes.

This kind of cheese can also improve the flavor of the food in which the real taste of the dish is not changed. Mascarpone can also be used to make the puddings thick.

Mozzarella: This kind of cheese was first introduced in Italy. It is formed by the milk of buffalos living in water. These buffalos are raised in Italy.

Now a days, the mozzarella that you find in the market and the one you eat is formed by the milk of cows.

The tender mozzarella is expected to be utilized fresh. You can even make mozzarella at your own by watching few tutorial videos.

Cheddar: This kind of cheese is hard and is made from the milk of cows that is pasteurized. Earlier, cheddar was manufactured in England only but now it produced and utilized globally.

If you haven’t tried the kinds of the cheeses mentioned in this article, then what are you even thinking? Go to your nearest store and buy the kinds of cheeses and enjoy every kind. Trust me, you will love it.

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