Accountable Factors to be Considered When Buying an Exhibition Stand

Let us look at some of the other factors suggested by the best exhibition stand contractors in Dubai, that need to be taken into account by you, as a customer, before buying a set of exhibition stands.

  1. Size of the Display Area: The first factor you should consider is the size of the display area of the exhibition standyou are considering using. In general, the larger the area, the more expensive it will be. A company that has chosen a very large exhibition, may therefore choose a very small one – or vice versa for smaller companies. In this case it is necessary that you inquire whether the exhibition contractor is able to offer any guarantee concerning the display area.
  2. Availability of Types of Modular Stands: The second factor you should ask is what types of modular exhibition stands the contractor is offering. Some exhibition stand contractors may have a full range of ready-made modular displays ready to select from at any given time. Others may only stock a few, or perhaps none at all. There is an option between “one of kind” displays and “mix and match” displays where you can customize your order with any combination of modular displays of differing sizes.
  3. Cost of Exhibition Stand: The third important factor is the cost of the modular exhibition stands. You should enquire about the cost of a standard modular stand, as well as the cost of modular stands produced to the exact measurements of your company’s needs. Some exhibition stand contractors will provide an opportunity to create a bespoke modular stand if you need it. These are usually a little more expensive than those that are mass-produced, but it will give you the opportunity to create a stand to your exacting standards. For smaller companies or those not using a vast number of displays, there is an additional option to rent modular stands from a supplier of modular exhibition stands – this option is usually cheaper than buying one. Go here to know more about exhibition stands.
  4. Comprehensive and Effective Design: A key factor in getting the best deal from exhibition stands suppliers is their ability to offer a comprehensive design service, covering not only the raw materials and machinery required, but also the assembly and delivery of the finished product.

If they don’t offer this, look elsewhere. You should enquire about the prices charged for individual components, including labor costs. The total price of the finished product, together with the costs of delivery, should be specified in writing before any work begins.